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t is well possible that Wadi El Rayan Falls are the only waterfalls in Egypt. These falls were created by human activities some decades ago and since then have been turned into a popular local tourist destination.


Waterfall has formed on some 7 km long stream which connects two lakes – Upper and Lower Wadi El Rayan lakes. Both lakes and stream between them are located below the sea level – Upper lake is 14 m below the sea level but Lower lake – 36 m below it.

These lakes were formed by human activity: there was a need to divert the excess agricultural drainage water from Faiyum oasis and it was decided that El Rayan depression would be suitable for this. Works were started in 1974 and there was built a system of water tunnels and channels..

It is planned that the most impressive ones – lower falls – will disappear over the time, as the Lower lake will fill up.


There are several cascades on Wadi El Rayan stream. Most impressive ones are the lower falls – a system of two cascades, each divided by a large island, thus forming a group of four falls. Distance between the cascades is some 30 – 35 metres, the width of island dividing the cascades is 20 – 50 m. as these falls are close to the lake, there is an impressive view over the cascades towards the lake.

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